Why is Melanotan useful?

Bodybuilders must keep a serious eating routine and regime in order to have the necessary amount of proteins and nutrients to build up those rock muscles. Apart from protein bars, shakes, supplements, hormones or stimulus, bodybuilders must also keep a solid diet and stay away from a series of harmful foods, even though they require loads of daily calorie intakes. On average, a bodybuilder preparing for a show must consume around 3,000 calories, but he could get to up to 10,000 calories per day, depending on his height, weight and physical effort. Nevertheless, supplements are also highly important for bodybuilders, such as the overall physical image. And if muscles can be built on countless hours of gym, a great tan to emphasize those muscles and properly bring them into prominence is quite harder to achieve, especially during winter months.

Sure, there is always the choice of tanning beds and fake tan sprays, paints and even sunbaths, but the results are not permanent and might wear off on clothing. Luckily, Melanotan represents the newest invention when it comes to hormones and peptides specifically designed for bodybuilders. Melanotan is sold online and in selected fitness centers as a decomposed powder which is injected into the body. It produces a chemical reaction inside that determines the body to create more melanin and gradually become darker. But a tanned body is only the beginning of what Melanotan can actually do.

Some of its specific side effects include:

For men

  • melanotan-usefulsAn increased sexual drive, along with long lasting erections. This is benefic for both partners because Melanotancan truly help you perform better in bed and create more intimacy with your beloved one.
  • Reduced appetite. Although bodybuilders must gradually increase their number of intake calories per day, some ailments are forbidden because they do not provide the necessary nutrients. Products rich in fats, sugars or carbohydrates such as sweets, pastas, sodas should be avoided because they can determine bodybuilders to gain weight in form of fat and not from working their muscles.
  • An overall state of joy. Melanotan doesn’t only work on the outside of a person and determining his body to become gradually tanned, but also works on someone’s psychic level by inducing an overall state feeling of accomplishment, joy and fulfillment. Thus, Melanotan injections are highly recommended for bodybuilders before contests to release them from stress and worries.
  • Fatigue and vomiting. Just like any peptide, Melanotan can give you slightly unpleasant side effects until your body gets used to the substance. However, these symptoms should disappear in a few days and you should start enjoying your perfectly tanned body in no time.

How you should take Melanotan?

Melanotan is an injectable hormone that should be carefully administrated. Work with different dosages until you find the one that satisfies you the most. However, if you are not really sure how to take the shots, you should ask for a professional, someone like your fitness trainer or your bodybuilder personal trainer. Although there are no studies in the field yet, some patients suggest injecting a larger amount of Melanotan as the first dose will help you achieve results better and enjoy a long lasting tan for months.

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