Melanotan – The Secret to Weight Loss?

Bodybuilders face a constant battle between converting fat to muscle, and vice versa. You want to appear built, and strong. This requires having a good fat to muscle ratio, with as little fat as possible and as much muscle as possible. It can be hard to get rid of the excess fat without getting rid of muscle, but once you’ve decided that you are as built as you want to be, what can you do with all of that excess fat?

The secret is Melanotan.

What is Melanotan? 

secret-to-weight-lossMelanotan is a new drug which is designed to give you a tan without the risks of sitting in the sun all day, or going to expensive sun beds which still use UV rays. It also has many other uses, including weight loss – which is what we want to use it for.

Melanotan is injected into the skin, where all the magic happens. It recreates a hormone from the pituitary gland, which affects the pigmentation of your skin – making your skin appear much darker. While this may not be our primary use for this drug, it is a good effect – making your muscles gleam in the light with your dark, tanned skin?

Melanotan can be purchased freely on the internet, and is simply injected into your skin. Make sure to follow all of the directions on the bottle in order to avoid the nasty side effects, and to make sure you take the right amount.

Just think about how great your body could look if you got rid of all the fat residing on your belly, and instead had a glorious six pack? It would be great. For an extremely small price, you can have all of this and more.

Benefits of Melanotan 

Weight Loss: This is what we want to use Melanotan for, so let’s focus on this first. Melanotan has the ability to rid of fat cells naturally, this means that you can still eat your regular diet, and lose weight as long as you are under the influence of Melanotan, read on melanotan forum –

Tan: We all love a good tan; in the summer everybody ends up getting a tan in one way or another. Frolicking in the sun can be extremely dangerous unfortunately, and therefore Melanotan provides the exact same results with none of the danger, and without the use of UV rays. Melanotan is also cheaper than visiting your local tanning beds!

Bodybuilding: Melanotan can help you build muscle in many ways, and really can make your muscles pop. Overall, Melanotan is perfect for bodybuilders. Helping them drop a few excess pounds, build muscle and giving them the perfect tan to show off their body all Summer. This is what you’ve worked hard for, why not use Melanotan to ensure your body is in tip top condition?

What are waiting for? Melanotan is the answer to all of your body image problems, go get some today and show off your body all summer!

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