Melanotan – A Gift for All Bodybuilders

If you’re a keen bodybuilder, you’ll understand the importance of looking good. You may already have the killer muscles, or you may still be working to get your muscles just the way you want them. Melanotan can help you achieve your dream, and become as ripped as you want extremely quickly. It also has another positive benefit…

The Benefits of Melanotan

all-bodybuilderssMelanotan has the ability to give you a tan, as the drug affects the pigmentation of the skin. This means that you can get that dark brown tan that you’ve always dreamt about, without having to spend hours burning in the sun. Melanotan also gives you the perfect tan without all of the risks, tanning yourself in the sun has been linked to skin cancer, and while you may not get skin cancer straight away from tanning – it can appear in later life.

If you want to live a long, healthy life – tanning yourself in the sun isn’t a good idea. Luckily, Melanotan allows you to get the skin tone you’ve always dreamt about without any of this danger, and a lot quicker. Regardless of how large your muscles are, you won’t look great if your skin is extremely pale, you need the perfect tan in order to show your body off in all of its glory.

Melanotan has the ability to give the perfect body image that you’ve always dreamt of, without any of the fuss involved with tanning yourself each year. Simply inject a few mg of Melanotan, and within a few days your skin will be noticeably darker.

How Do I Use Melanotan?

Melanotan is extremely easy to use, it can be injected into the bloodstream, you just need to be careful of how much you take. As with all drugs, there are dangers if you take too much. We’ll talk more about the possible dangers later.


There are dangers associated with Melanotan, these include:

Sickness: If you go over the stated dosage, you may feel nauseous and sick. This is natural, and isn’t too dangerous – but it may affect you from training. If this happens stop using Melanotan instantly.

Fatigue: Using too much Melanotan has also been associated with fatigue, meaning you will feel extremely tired and worn down. Likewise, if this happens stop your use of Melanotan, and wait for the fatigue to pass.

Vomiting: This is natural too, just stop using Melanotan and wait for the sickness to pass.

Remember, you can avoid all of these dangers by simply taking the stated dosage, and not exceeding this under any circumstances. Melanotan can take some time to work, so don’t take it in excess because you want even darker skin, give it time to work first.

If you are a bodybuilder, or you wish to improve your body image over the Summer months – Melanotan is for you, a tan without the risks of cancer? What more could you want?

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