Melanotan – The Secret to Weight Loss?

Bodybuilders face a constant battle between converting fat to muscle, and vice versa. You want to appear built, and strong. This requires having a good fat to muscle ratio, with as little fat as possible and as much muscle as possible. It can be hard to get rid of the excess fat without getting rid of muscle, but once you’ve decided that you are as built as you want to be, what can you do with all of that excess fat?

The secret is Melanotan.

What is Melanotan? 

secret-to-weight-lossMelanotan is a new drug which is designed to give you a tan without the risks of sitting in the sun all day, or going to expensive sun beds which still use UV rays. It also has many other uses, including weight loss – which is what we want to use it for.

Melanotan is injected into the skin, where all the magic happens. It recreates a hormone from the pituitary gland, which affects the pigmentation of your skin – making your skin appear much darker. While this may not be our primary use for this drug, it is a good effect – making your muscles gleam in the light with your dark, tanned skin?

Melanotan can be purchased freely on the internet, and is simply injected into your skin. Make sure to follow all of the directions on the bottle in order to avoid the nasty side effects, and to make sure you take the right amount.

Just think about how great your body could look if you got rid of all the fat residing on your belly, and instead had a glorious six pack? It would be great. For an extremely small price, you can have all of this and more.

Benefits of Melanotan 

Weight Loss: This is what we want to use Melanotan for, so let’s focus on this first. Melanotan has the ability to rid of fat cells naturally, this means that you can still eat your regular diet, and lose weight as long as you are under the influence of Melanotan, read on melanotan forum –

Tan: We all love a good tan; in the summer everybody ends up getting a tan in one way or another. Frolicking in the sun can be extremely dangerous unfortunately, and therefore Melanotan provides the exact same results with none of the danger, and without the use of UV rays. Melanotan is also cheaper than visiting your local tanning beds!

Bodybuilding: Melanotan can help you build muscle in many ways, and really can make your muscles pop. Overall, Melanotan is perfect for bodybuilders. Helping them drop a few excess pounds, build muscle and giving them the perfect tan to show off their body all Summer. This is what you’ve worked hard for, why not use Melanotan to ensure your body is in tip top condition?

What are waiting for? Melanotan is the answer to all of your body image problems, go get some today and show off your body all summer!

Melanotan – A Gift for All Bodybuilders

If you’re a keen bodybuilder, you’ll understand the importance of looking good. You may already have the killer muscles, or you may still be working to get your muscles just the way you want them. Melanotan can help you achieve your dream, and become as ripped as you want extremely quickly. It also has another positive benefit…

The Benefits of Melanotan

all-bodybuilderssMelanotan has the ability to give you a tan, as the drug affects the pigmentation of the skin. This means that you can get that dark brown tan that you’ve always dreamt about, without having to spend hours burning in the sun. Melanotan also gives you the perfect tan without all of the risks, tanning yourself in the sun has been linked to skin cancer, and while you may not get skin cancer straight away from tanning – it can appear in later life.

If you want to live a long, healthy life – tanning yourself in the sun isn’t a good idea. Luckily, Melanotan allows you to get the skin tone you’ve always dreamt about without any of this danger, and a lot quicker. Regardless of how large your muscles are, you won’t look great if your skin is extremely pale, you need the perfect tan in order to show your body off in all of its glory.

Melanotan has the ability to give the perfect body image that you’ve always dreamt of, without any of the fuss involved with tanning yourself each year. Simply inject a few mg of Melanotan, and within a few days your skin will be noticeably darker.

How Do I Use Melanotan?

Melanotan is extremely easy to use, it can be injected into the bloodstream, you just need to be careful of how much you take. As with all drugs, there are dangers if you take too much. We’ll talk more about the possible dangers later.


There are dangers associated with Melanotan, these include:

Sickness: If you go over the stated dosage, you may feel nauseous and sick. This is natural, and isn’t too dangerous – but it may affect you from training. If this happens stop using Melanotan instantly.

Fatigue: Using too much Melanotan has also been associated with fatigue, meaning you will feel extremely tired and worn down. Likewise, if this happens stop your use of Melanotan, and wait for the fatigue to pass.

Vomiting: This is natural too, just stop using Melanotan and wait for the sickness to pass.

Remember, you can avoid all of these dangers by simply taking the stated dosage, and not exceeding this under any circumstances. Melanotan can take some time to work, so don’t take it in excess because you want even darker skin, give it time to work first.

If you are a bodybuilder, or you wish to improve your body image over the Summer months – Melanotan is for you, a tan without the risks of cancer? What more could you want?

Why is Melanotan useful?

Bodybuilders must keep a serious eating routine and regime in order to have the necessary amount of proteins and nutrients to build up those rock muscles. Apart from protein bars, shakes, supplements, hormones or stimulus, bodybuilders must also keep a solid diet and stay away from a series of harmful foods, even though they require loads of daily calorie intakes. On average, a bodybuilder preparing for a show must consume around 3,000 calories, but he could get to up to 10,000 calories per day, depending on his height, weight and physical effort. Nevertheless, supplements are also highly important for bodybuilders, such as the overall physical image. And if muscles can be built on countless hours of gym, a great tan to emphasize those muscles and properly bring them into prominence is quite harder to achieve, especially during winter months.

Sure, there is always the choice of tanning beds and fake tan sprays, paints and even sunbaths, but the results are not permanent and might wear off on clothing. Luckily, Melanotan represents the newest invention when it comes to hormones and peptides specifically designed for bodybuilders. Melanotan is sold online and in selected fitness centers as a decomposed powder which is injected into the body. It produces a chemical reaction inside that determines the body to create more melanin and gradually become darker. But a tanned body is only the beginning of what Melanotan can actually do.

Some of its specific side effects include:

For men

  • melanotan-usefulsAn increased sexual drive, along with long lasting erections. This is benefic for both partners because Melanotancan truly help you perform better in bed and create more intimacy with your beloved one.
  • Reduced appetite. Although bodybuilders must gradually increase their number of intake calories per day, some ailments are forbidden because they do not provide the necessary nutrients. Products rich in fats, sugars or carbohydrates such as sweets, pastas, sodas should be avoided because they can determine bodybuilders to gain weight in form of fat and not from working their muscles.
  • An overall state of joy. Melanotan doesn’t only work on the outside of a person and determining his body to become gradually tanned, but also works on someone’s psychic level by inducing an overall state feeling of accomplishment, joy and fulfillment. Thus, Melanotan injections are highly recommended for bodybuilders before contests to release them from stress and worries.
  • Fatigue and vomiting. Just like any peptide, Melanotan can give you slightly unpleasant side effects until your body gets used to the substance. However, these symptoms should disappear in a few days and you should start enjoying your perfectly tanned body in no time.

How you should take Melanotan?

Melanotan is an injectable hormone that should be carefully administrated. Work with different dosages until you find the one that satisfies you the most. However, if you are not really sure how to take the shots, you should ask for a professional, someone like your fitness trainer or your bodybuilder personal trainer. Although there are no studies in the field yet, some patients suggest injecting a larger amount of Melanotan as the first dose will help you achieve results better and enjoy a long lasting tan for months.

Melanotan – The Magical Trio

If you haven’t heard of Melanotan yet, where have you been?! Melanotan is the hottest new drug for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics all over the globe, and for a very good reason. Not only does it help with weight loss, and sexual libido – but it also gives you a great tan to show off your body! After spending endless hours toning your body to perfection, you want to be able to show it off right? Melanotan allows you to do this with confidence, this is because it aids you in losing weight, and giving you a tan – which all indirectly positively affect your self-confidence. I’m sure you understand why it is so popular now, right?! Let’s get right into the information regarding this drug!

Whether you simply treat your body as a shrine, or whether you would just like to get a tan without frolicking dangerously in the sun, Melanotan is for you. Let’s find out how it works.


Melanotan has various benefits, but how does it work? Simple! It can be bought online or in a local pharmacy, and from there – you just need to inject the recommended dosage into your abdomen. In terms of its tanning ability, the drug stimulates the pituitary gland to produce a hormone which affects the pigmentation of your skin. This means it turns your skin slightly darker while you use the drug. This also means you can keep your tan during winter, which helps improve your self-confidence.

You may have also heard of this drug being called the “Barbie doll” drug. This is a fitting name, as it does help you get the body you’ve always desired, get a tan, and increases your libido. If you have heard of the Barbie doll drug, what they are referring to is actually Melanotan.

There are many rumours circulating about how unsafe this drug is, but this isn’t true. It is actually extremely safe, providing you read any included documentation, and buy from a reputable source. Buying from a reputable source is always recommended, it may cost a little bit more – but this way, you can be sure that it has not been tampered with. Many websites which sell Melanotan cheaper than any other source are most likely not legal, and/or sell a modified version of Melanotan, which can be dangerous.

Exceeding the recommended dosage is also dangerous, make sure to only take the drug as you should, and no more than once a day. Failure to follow the included directions will result in nausea, fatigue and vomiting – you may not feel yourself either. If you use the drug correctly, you will feel perfectly fine other than an increased libido!

Yes, Melanotan can be dangerous if you buy a modified version, or buy from a dodgy source – but when you get hold of it the proper way, and use it as you should, you will experience no problems whatsoever.

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